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Beverly Johnson, How Supermodels Influenced Personal Branding

Our Creators with Influence Podcast turned one on International Podcast Day, celebrated annually on September 30. Hosts Qianna Smith Bruneteau and Karston 'Skinny' Tannis welcome Supermodel, Author, and CEO Beverly Johnson to kick off season 2. SUPERMODELS THE OG INFLUENCERS   Known as the Face that changed it all in fashion, Beverly has graced over 500 magazine covers and was named one of the “20th Century’s 100 Most Influential...

Fireside Chat on the Future of Content & Commerce

The American Influencer Council – AIC celebrated its second anniversary on Global Social Media Day, June 30, with an educational workshop. Members, partners, and friends of the Council gathered for an evening of thought-provoking conversations on the future of content and commerce as well as the business of influencing, hosted at Soho Works 55 Water in Dumbo, New York. The exchanges of knowledge, camaraderie, and community cultivated during...

Conversation on Rates & Pay Transparency

Encouraging young professionals to care about their financial wellbeing, to find confidence in being transparent about rates with their creator colleagues, and democratizing access to financial education is mission-critical for the American Influencer Council (AIC). We align with impact partners that champion these same objectives. The AIC joined forces with Clara for Creators and justKay Media for Make It Make Cents. It was an intimate...

This Is Ramadan Takeover: McCormick® Spices’ Alia Kemet

In season 1, episode 10, American Influencer Council's Summer Albarcha is joined by Alia Kemet, who is the Senior Vice President of Global Creative and Digital Transformation at McCormick & Company. Last year, Alia was named Adweek’s Brand Leader of the Year and was part of the 2021 class of Ad Age’s Leading Women. The two discuss the 22nd Edition of the McCormick Flavor Forecast, McCormick’s first influencer innovation collaboration...

Creator Influence on Labor National Entrepreneurship Day

Pictured L to R: co-hosts Karston 'Skinny' Tannis and Qianna Smith Bruneteau, Summer Albarcha, Aliza Licht, Alexandra Megaris, Marissa Ren, and Marinda Yelverton. Startup industries like influencer marketing offer unparalleled innovation, entrepreneurship, and opportunities. But oftentimes, creative ecosystems that rely on free user-generated content and ad-driven models can become hubs for wealth inequality. What does an equitable economy look...

Deja Foxx, Meet Your Future POTUS

Deja Foxx is a 21-year-old thought leader at the intersection of social justice and social media. She is the Founder of GenZ Girl Gang, a student at Columbia University, and a Digital Creator with Ford Models who got her start advocating for reproductive justice after experiencing homelessness in her teenage years. At just 19, she was the Influencer and Surrogate Strategist to Kamala Harris’ 2020 presidential campaign and became one of the...

Brian Xu Is Not Misleading You! Data Science Can Improve Your Everyday Life

Brian Xu, TikTok's favorite data scientist, sits down with the Creators with Influence Podcast on Season 1, Episode 3, to discuss how big data can improve your everyday life. Brian is a Senior Data Scientist at LinkedIn. turning LinkedIn data into insights to help members, media, and policymakers understand the workforce and economy. Currently, he is telling stories about how companies and employees are rethinking how, where, and why we work...

Nikita Upadhyay: Redefining Millennial Beauty

Beauty creator Nikita Upadhyay has worn many hats, including former digital head of Cosmopolitan India and bestselling author of "Roots to Radiance: Wholesome Beauty Solutions for the Millennial Life.” Based in New Delhi, India, she brings an international perspective on the inclusive beauty movement. Nikita uses her platform to champion the need and benefit of brands offering products for every skin tone and hair type. She manages a...

From Vine to TikTok: Wesley “Wuz Good” Armstrong On the Evolution of Influencing

Filmmaker, multimedia creator, and Streamy Award nominee Wesley “Wuz Good” Armstrong has been on the pulse of social media, digital custom content since Vine. A future thinker, Wesley, recognized that video had a virality unlike other formats and could catapult a creator into a brand early on. From Instagram, Meta, and TikTok, Wesley has grown a community of over 3 million followers sharing videos that fuse superhero motifs, animé...

This Is Ramadan Takeover: Dr. Hina Cheema MD of Story of Style

More than 2 billion Muslims across the globe celebrate Ramadan. It is a time for reflection, personal development, service to others, and uplifting family traditions from dawn to sunset. Last April, the American Influencer Council (AIC) launched This Is Ramadan, a cultural education initiative to encourage tolerance, build community, debunk media-perpetuated myths, break stereotypes in everyday life, and combat belief-based biases. The program...

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@americaninfluencercouncil Member Gabby Beckford @packslight is our honored guest for S2, EP 4. A business-savvy GenZ, Gabby has taken control over her personal and professional growth by being #solopreneur and touting herself as a full-time digital global nomad since January 2021.

#CreatorswithInfluence hosts @Qianna_Smith Bruneteau, and @Karston ‘Skinny’ Tannis @skinnywashere speak to Gabby about succeeding from anywhere.

Watch on YouTube and listen everywhere #podcasts are available Apple, Spotify, Anchor, iHeartRadio and more!

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Make your career intentions known! @MaryamIshtiaq joins season two, episode two of #CreatorswithInfluence #Podcast. In this episode, hosts @Qianna_Smith Bruneteau and Karston @skinnywashere Tannis talk with Maryam about motherhood, sharing seasons of her life with her community, managing creator burnout, making traditions through food @itsactuallyspicy, and where she sees her career heading —and yes, it includes a cookbook and starting her own café. Attention @foodnetwork @foodandwine @buzzfeedfood @eatingwell @sasquatchbooks @penguinrandomhouse let’s make dreams come true! 😌😅

Watch the full episode on YouTube and listen on Apple, @Spotify,, @amazonmusic, @iheartradio and everywhere podcasts are available.

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Supermodel, author, and CEO @iambeverlyjohnson kicks off Season 2 of #CreatorswithInfluence 🎙. Known as the face that changed it all in fashion, Beverly has graced over 500 magazine covers, 22 in the last two years. She was named one of the “20th Century’s 100 Most Influential People in the Fashion Industry” by the @nytimes and listed as @Oprah Winfrey’s “25 top legends.”

You don’t need to be a #fashion enthusiast to be captivated by Beverly’s storied career that spans five decades. Her entrepreneurial and #abundancemindset is equally noteworthy.

Here she talks about #NaomiSims’ influence and paying it forward for other top Black models.

Watch the episode on AIC’s @YouTube and
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It’s #InternationalPodcastDay 🎧🎙! Happy Birthday to #CreatorswithInfluence #Podcast 🎂. Special shoutout to ALL the guests who made time to share knowledge with us.

The @americaninfluencercouncil is a lifelong learning engine. This programming strives to advance professional development through practical advice from noteworthy #entrepreneurs while encouraging creator-to-creator learning.

We have an incredible anniversary special/ launch of season 2 dropping in a few days. 🥳

🙌🏾 to our sound partner @akgaudio, collaborators @sohoworks @sohohouse @gansevoort. We appreciate you ♥️

Thank YOU for tuning in,
@Qianna_Smith Bruneteau &
Karston @SkinnywasHere Tannis

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@creatorswithinfluence 🎙️🎧 Season 1 Flashback Continues… From Vine to Facebook to TikTok: Wesley @wuzgood Armstrong talks about being a video-first career creator, why you need a multichannel distribution strategy, and avoiding burnout by not focusing on what other creators are doing on Episode 6 of our #CreatorswithInfluence #Podcast. Wuz is a @Streamys nominated director and has shot over $1 million in co-branded entertainment for brands such as Lyft and T-Mobile. A talent both behind and in front of the lens, he serves up sound advice for building and thriving while doing what you love.

Watch on YouTube & listen👂🏾on Apple, @amazonmusic, @iheartradio, Google, @spotify, and everywhere podcasts are available.

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#CreatorswithInfluence Podcast S1, EP10 Our #ThisIsRamadan Takeover continues with guest @AliaKemet of @mccormickspice on connecting through food.

Summer is taking over the Creators with Influence Podcast to “spotlight GenZ and millennial creators who use their tech-savviness, entrepreneurial ingenuity, personal style, and diverse culture to reimagine what it means to be a modern Muslim,” she said.

Watch on @americaninfluencercouncil’s @YouTube channel and listen everywhere podcasts are available.

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Dr. Hina Cheema, MD of @StoryofStyle, joined AIC’s @SummerAlbarcha on #CreatorswithInfluence #Podcast. Listen to episode 9 for our #ThisIsRamadan takeover on @americaninfluencercouncil’s @YouTube channel and everywhere podcasts are available.

Dr. Hina is a Dallas-based obstetrician-gynecologist who is passionate about social justice advocacy. In this episode, she discusses advancing women’s rights through healthcare.

In a study by @Gallup, the @americanprogress found that “a network of misinformation experts actively promotes Islamophobia in America. The promotion of Islamophobia creates both prejudice and discrimination among the general population.”

Developing cross-group friendships, cultivating awareness about the biases of groups outside your own encounter, and building empathy for others are ways to reduce stereotypes and encourage inclusion.

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India 🇮🇳 ➡️ ✈️🗽that moment when… your podcast guest shows up in #IRL. @nikitaupadhyay welcome to NYC! ♥️
@skinnywashere we missed you. 🎙

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The countdown is on for season 2 of @creatorswithinfluence & we’re thrilled to add @iheartradio as a new distribution channel!!! Hosts @qianna_smith Bruneteau, AIC Founder, and @skinnywashere, co-chair of our Public Goodwill committee, want to hear from you!

Tag a creator or influencer marketing professional in the comments you feel has an inspiring career journey and incredible knowledge to share on the show🎙.

Stay tuned for more details on season 2 as we gear up for production. 👩🏾‍💻👨🏾‍💻📹📸🎙

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#creatorswithinfluence live podcast sound off 🔊 hear from co-host & AIC’s @skinnywashere, Venable`s Alex Megaris @alexmegaris, and @whalar’s @marindadiane.

Episode 7 delivered some of our favorite soundbites from season 1.

Listen everywhere podcasts are available #applepodcasts, #googlepodcasts #spotify #audacy #anchor & watch on @americaninfluencercouncil’s @youtube.

📍@sohoworks Dumbo

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Happy Birthday to #CreatorwithInfluence co-host @skinnywashere. “Life isn`t a rehearsal, the camera`s always rolling.“ 🎂📸

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From Vine to TikTok: Wesley @wuzgood Armstrong talks about the ‘Evolution of Influencing’ on Season 1, Episode 6 of #CreatorswithInfluence #Podcast, produced by the @AmericanInfluencerCouncil.

A graduate of Sony TV’s Diverse Directors Program, Wuz Good has extensively shadowed directors on hit shows such as ‘New Girl’ starring Zooey Deschanel and directed over $1 million in co-branded entertainment for brands such as Lyft and T-Mobile.

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Beauty creator @NikitaUpadhyay, author of “Roots to Radiance: Wholesome Beauty Solutions for the Millennial Life,” talks about consumer transparency and why she stays away from gimmicks.

#CreatorswithInfluence is produced by the @americaninfluencercouncil, sound is powered by @akgaudio, and was filmed at the @gansevoort NYC.

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Meet @nikitaupadhyay, the beauty guru is on episode 5 of #CreatorswithInfluence.

She is the former digital head of Cosmopolitan India, a website she grew organically from 9 million to 80 million visitors in two years, bestselling author of “Roots to Radiance: Wholesome Beauty Solutions for the Millennial Life,” and honoree of @forbesunder30 Pan Asia ‘Media, Marketing, Advertising’ list.

She talks about leaning into her experiences to launch purpose-driven business ventures.

Produced by the @americaninfluencercouncil.

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@Ameer Al-Khatahtbeh, 23, could be dubbed the voice of the people amongst GenZ and millennial Muslims. He’s purpose-driven and on a course to create a more inclusive news, entertainment and publishing space via the @muslim.

Tune in to EP 4 everywhere podcasts are available and via

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